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Why Drinking Could be Hurting You

Updated: May 14, 2022

I sometimes need to remind myself, that others might benefit from hearing my story. There is no courage, growth or intimacy without vulnerability. There is no progress without vulnerability. That is where true authenticity is born. That is real freedom.

I have taken huge steps towards being more brave in my day to day life. I have tried to work towards being a better person. I have focused on the relationships that matter to me. I am doing all of this because I am allowing myself to be vulnerable everyday, with myself and others.

That means sharing my stories, so others don't suffer in silence.

And through it all, I have learned to just be me. I have come to accept the most true, authentic version of myself. Even when my days suck and I feel down on myself. I show that person in the mirror a little more grace, compassion and kindness.

It is the opposite of the way I used to live my life, hiding behind lies. Angry and mad at myself. I was often concerned with the ideas of others. I lived to impress the rest of the world. That was the opposite of courageous. My growth was stunted. My relationships were small and shallow. I thought that I was living a pure life, but my behavior was anything but real. I was pretending.

In experiencing an authentic state of being, I don't feel like I need to impress others like I used to. There is less worry about how I will be perceived, because today, there is a strength that did not used to exist. I am content with who I am finally. There is a confidence today. A peacefulness knowing that I am on the right path. I don't live in fear wondering if I am going to screw it all up.

I am grateful to be released from the grips of all that alcohol controlled. I am vulnerable and proudly just being me.

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