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Heading 1

Kim is interviewed about Sober in the Suburbs and shares her story.


Kim is interviewed about Sober in the Suburbs and shares her story.


Kim and Suzanne have an amazing chat.


Kim shares her story with Kate and Deb and talks about F*cking Sober: the First 90 Days with Mack.

motherhood uncut pic

Kim shares her story on Madeline's podcast.

happiest sober podcast

Mack and I talk to Jess Steitzer about season 2 of F*cking Sober.

decidedly dry

"Season 2 of F*cking Sober Podcast is out! Tawny and Lisa talk with its creator, Katie Mack, and Kim Kearns, whose story of motherhood and sobriety is the basis of this season. Each season of F*cking Sober Podcast is a stand-alone eight-episode arc that unpacks the first 90 days of sobriety. It’s unique in the world of recovery podcasts. They talk about mommy wine culture from its origins to where it can lead. "

recovery rocks

"Massachusetts women recovering from alcoholism find success with sobriety podcasts"

channel 4

LAF Life Living Alcohol Free Podcast

Kim shares her story with the crew from LAF Life podcast.

LAF life

Beyond Recovery Podcast

Kim and Catherine join Matt Gardiner, from Recovery Roadmap. They share stories and discuss all things sobriety.

Beyond Recovery Podcast

beyond recovery

The Hello Someday, Podcast

I spoke to Casey from The Hello Someday podcast. She is also a life and sobriety coach, and we found our stories to be quite similar. She went to Bates, and I went to Colby. And that is only the beginning. Tune in when the episode drops on November 10th.

hello someday

This Naked Mind

Evan and I were interviewed by Annie Grace for This Naked Mind's podcast. We were able to share our story together, side by side.

this naked mind

NPR Interview

I was interviewed by Brian Mann on NPR in December 2021 about my sobriety. The interview aired nationally. I shared about my experiences with drinking around the holidays and how it always ramped up between Thanksgiving and New Years.


Elephant Journal

The Elephant Journal is an indie based online publication. I have several articles published on this website, a few of which have won in the ecosystem.

elephant journal

F*cking Sober: The First 90 Days

I am working on season 3 of the Webby Award Winning narrative Podcast, F*cking Sober. Season 3 which will tell my personal story of getting sober. Stay tuned!

fcking sober

Barre3 Needham

I was featured in an interview for Barre3 Needham about my sober journey. Check out my story about motherhood sobriety outside Boston, MA. Check it out!​

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