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"The beauty of this story is the part we get to see as Kearns tells of her journey to sobriety and the struggles it was to achieve her sobriety and the help she finds along the way. I love everything about this story because Kearns is one of the blessed ones on the other side of her addiction. And I am happy to say my family member is in the same position, as he was able to kick his addiction as well. If this is a story you connect with, please read On The Edge of Shattered and you may find the help you need. This book is getting Five Stars from me."
-Books Are A Blessing Blogspot

"Kim writes with a raw honesty of what brought her to alcohol and what it's been like leaving it behind. But the story goes beyond her reliance on alcohol and dives deep into the emotional pain and lies from family, friends, and environment that led to denial and other temporary coping mechanisms. This book is for anyone who wants to know what it means to dig deep/self reflect and deal with both the challenging consequences and beautiful rewards. Her story is truly compelling, authentic, heartbreaking and heartwarming. It's an incredible read." ~anonymous review


"Kimberly is a wife and a mother, before she stopped drinking for good Kim was lying and hiding her addiction from everyone that she loved. So she makes a brave and hard decision to give up drinking for food and it definitely isn't easy but she has written this memoir with courage and honesty... It was a heartbreaking story but it is so beautifully written and I loved everything about it."

-@Leannebookstagram (@ireadbooktours)

"On The Edge of Shattered is a searingly honest memoir which I felt Kimberly was incredibly brave firstly just to write, but also to put out into the world for women finding themselves in similar situations. Even if she had only written this book for her own eyes, it would have been quite the undertaking, dealing as it does with very personal events and memories. There is much in Kimberly's experience, particularly in describing her earlier years of emotional repression and social fear, that I recognised and could connect with. On The Edge of Shattered was sometimes a difficult read emotionally for me, but it was also ultimately a rewarding one and I am glad to have had this opportunity to review it. I hope other women can make the same positive connection with Kimberly's words as I did."

-Stephanie Jane Blog

"I was so impressed by the genuine way in which Kimberly Kearns tells her story in On The Edge of Shattered. This much have been such a difficult book to write, both for Kimberly herself and for her family who were do deeply affected by her former alcoholism. This memoir so clearly shows how alcohol addiction can strike anyone and our culture of putting alcohol consumption at the centre of so many of our celebratory events must exacerbate the problem for so many people. Kearns also reflects on unhealthy alcohol habits following down through the generations as she recognises herself reliving patterns from her mother's life.

On The Edge of Shattered in written in an accessible style which I thought made it an engaging read despite its often uncomfortable subject matter. I could empathise with the metaphorical sweeping of problems under the carpet, not wanting to admit 'failure' until it was almost too late. I think On The Edge of Shattered will be such a helpful memoir for other women struggling to maintain their own sobriety. Kearns' experience is sadly far from unique and I hope that her so openly sharing her journey back from the brink will give others the courage to emulate her."

- Literary Flits

"All about her journey in recovery, On the Edge of Shattered deals with the ways in which she was able to free herself from past traumas in order to emerge as the badass, sober-for-life mom she was always meant to be! Despite the difficult subject matter, this book was an excellent read. Her writing style is superb and it is a riveting memoir! From one mom to another, I’m so proud of all she has accomplished! The clarity and freedom she discovered on this road made the hardships all worthwhile. Such an amazing and inspiring story needs to be heard by so many because this is a disease in which those afflicted often suffer in silence."


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