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How to Survive the First Few Years of Sobriety...

Hi Everyone,

Writing about my alcohol free experiences has been the cornerstone of my sober journey. Sharing on this blog has allowed me the vulnerable space to be myself and explore a side of me that was bottled up, hidden away for many, many years. I am not closing that door, but I am just allowing myself the opportunity to reach more readers. I am moving my writing platform over to Substack, and all my future pieces will live there going forward.

This blog will still exist, and it will serve as the resource that it is - a place to read about the first two and half years of my sober journey. It is jam packed full of juicy nuggets. There are so many vulnerable stories, bits of advice, lots of me blabbing on about nothing and everything. These blog posts were my way of processing my experiences - all the raw, very true realities that one faces in the early years of quitting drinking.

I believe that people can and still will benefit from reading and rereading these posts. I still go back to them just to relive and remind myself about the first few months back in 2020, and I am brought back to the person I was back then. I am able to reflect on all the growth I have done, and it is rewarding to see how far I have come as an individual.

If you are just considering sobriety - please venture back to the beginning of this blog, to November and December 2020, and explore those posts. Use the search feature and hopefully some of what I have written will be of use to you, because that is why I started this thing. I put all of this down in writing not just to process and move forward in sobriety, not just to heal - but also so others won't feel so alone in this journey.

I am always hear to chat - please email me:

And visit me over on My Substack Page, where I will continue to write about all things sobriety, parenting, marriage, motherhood and life.

Oh, and please visit my new site: Sober in the Suburbs - if you are in the Boston area and looking for in person connection - let's hang out! Check out the website to get more information about this new sober social club!

This isn't goodbye... I'll see you later...

xo, Kim

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