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The building blocks of living well

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

PERMA, according to Martin Seligman:

1. Positive emotions – feeling good

2. Engagement being completely absorbed in activities

3. Relationships being authentically connected to others

4. Meaning purposeful existence

5. Achievement a sense of accomplishment and success

Experiencing these five important building blocks of well-being allows one to experience happiness. It allows one to be grateful and feel fulfilled. Happy. Free. Sobriety provides me with this on a daily basis. Writing allows me to feel this everyday. I have purpose, engagement and find meaning when I am working on my projects. Editing, brainstorming and thinking about my next piece. Words just flow. And then. Suddenly the hours have passed by and I don't even realize it. It's a wonderful feeling. A feeling I want to bottle up and carry with me wherever I go. Permaliciousness.

How do I help my children find this feeling?

Today, I had a followup with my PCP and she asked how I am doing. Did I get through the July 4th holiday okay. "It is a tough time of year with a lot of drinking. Did you make it through ok?" She asked. Like I needed to be restrained. I almost laughed because, the drinking part and craving alcohol is not an issue for me anymore. I am so beyond grateful I don't have it in my life. It's dealing with all the other shit underneath. All the shattered pieces left behind.

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