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Excerpt from "On the Edge of Shattered"

Once my parents left me at school and the initial shock wore off, I began to adjust. I got my feet on the ground and was forced to settle into college life. I got along well with my roommate, Marisa, and within a matter of days, I realized college wasn’t going to be too bad. I discovered a new type of independence along the beautiful sidewalks of Colby College, and it was here where I forged a different path, exploring a side of myself I hadn’t yet met....

I learned that life at Colby revolved around the weekend. I started to see this place was going to be a lot more fun than I’d ever expected. The eagerness and energy the other students exuded began to rub off on me. How could it not? There was freedom unlike anything else I had ever known; that unique self-determination you only experience the first time you leave home.

Maine was my home now. And Colby was full of immense excitement and fun. It was an endless loop of amusement. I called and spoke to my parents now and again, checking in to let them know I was settling in, but I didn’t feel the need or the want to talk all the time. The distance started to feel comfortable. I had to establish my autonomy, and I knew I needed to prove that I could do life on my own.

“Where is the party this weekend?” I asked my new friend, Mandy, in Psych class Thursday morning during the third week of school.

“We will start at the senior apartments. Then go off-campus to the Farmhouse,” she said.

I got a prickle of excitement and a few nervous butterflies in my belly. I knew I needed to be drunk to show up to those kinds of parties. There were going to be a lot of people, and a lot of upperclassmen...

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