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The Pregnancy Principle... December 14, 2020

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The hardest part of being sober is feeling like you are missing out. Knowing that your friends are gathering together without you. Saying no to social gatherings, because you know you cannot handle being there with alcohol around you. Fortunately, right now, I know there isn't a lot going on because of Covid. I picked a perfect time to get sober, because my friends really aren't doing much right now. Laura McKowen talks about 'The Pregnancy Principle' in her book "We Are The Luckiest." She explains this concept, that she only ever felt truly able to not drink when she became pregnant with her daughter. When pregnant, she was never tempted by booze and never felt the cravings. She truly took care of her body the best way possible when she was taking care of that little life inside of her for those 9 months. I relate to this so much. I remember I loved being pregnant. I felt so complete, so happy, so rested, so content. I loved having that little person with me and I felt SO healthy. And in retrospect, I realize now, it was probably because I wasn't drinking everyday. Shortly after giving birth to each one of my kids, I remember the struggle I felt immediately after giving birth. I remember grappling with my need to drink so quickly after. And with each kid, the struggle only became harder.

Laura talks in her book about protecting her newly found sobriety like your pregnancy. Treat your body like you're pregnant. Rest. Walk. Nourish it. Cherish it. Feed it. Exercise it. And LOVE it. Because it is doing something truly amazing right now during sobriety, just like pregnancy. No, I am not growing a human. Been there, done that - three times over. Instead, I am creating a new life for myself, mentally and emotionally.

I need to protect my sobriety and care for it as if it is a baby, by not tempting myself. Walk past those gatherings in peoples back yards by the fire pits, where you know your friends are all sitting around drinking wine. Keep walking. Take care of yourself. Let the FOMO go, because what you have is SO much better. You are so much happier and the temptations are only fleeting, they last only a brief moment, and your strength and purpose prevail. You know that every morning, for the last 15 days that you have woken up NOT hungover, you have felt your best self. You have felt content and happy. And you have been able to look in the mirror and feel proud. Ride that wave. Keep walking. And keep your head and chin up - because you have so much more to look forward to in the days ahead.

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