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Sober in the Suburbs

Updated: May 9, 2023

I have been thinking about this for a while. When I first stopped drinking I searched for people that were similar to me and were going through what I was experiencing. I wanted connection, outside of the confines of AA. I wanted to talk to people who were facing similar struggles. I needed to know I wasn't alone. I wanted to know that there was life beyond a world of binge drinking.

There is such a need in this area - west of Boston. So many women have reached out to me in recent months and it's time to get organized. This is not a recovery group of any particular kind. It's just a place for women (and men) to come together, away from alcohol and judgment.

If you are curious about what life might be like if you were to cut back on drinking, then let's chat... we are having our first meeting in a few weeks. Please email me for more details!

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  • Do you question whether alcohol is having a negative impact on your life?

  • Do you wonder if you might benefit from drinking a bit less?

  • Do you think to yourself, do I really need this glass of wine?

  • Do you look forward to that 5:00 hour - that relief in a cocktail after a long day at work or at home with the kids?

  • Do you sometimes have one too many and wake up the next day with a headache, riddled with shame and guilt?

  • Do you lay awake in the middle of the night after one too many drinks unable to sleep?

  • Do you ever forget conversations you had when drinking?

  • Do you ever obsess over taking days off from the booze only to then count down the days when the weekend can "begin" again?

  • Do you convince yourself you’re doing fine because everyone else is "doing it" too?

  • Do you feel stuck in a vicious cycle of trying to moderate or control your drinking?

  • Do you have lived experience in recovery but you have not yet found an in person community?

You are not alone.

You may not see yourself as “addicted” to alcohol, but you do know that it has more power over your life than you’d like it to at this point.

You may be curious about taking a step back from this thing that has become so normalized as the one acceptable way to socialize in our society.

But how do you do it?

Come see what it's all about.

We strive to embrace compassion as we foster authentic connections and encourage thoughtful discussion.

We aim to connect, learn and inspire one another as we experience the joy of this alcohol free world.

  • Do you live in or outside of Boston?

  • We currently meet in Metro-west but we welcome friends from all over.

  • We are fully inclusive and we do not focus on any particular type of recovery. We are a group aimed at building community, providing support and finding friendship.

  • Most of our members are from the surrounding communities: Needham, Wellesley, Weston, Natick, Dedham, Westwood, Newton, Dover, Sherborn, Medfield, Winchester and beyond

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