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Going Public With My Sobriety

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

I celebrated my one year soberversary this weekend. Sober anniversary. Sober birthday. Whatever you want to call it… My kids had a really fun time celebrating this milestone and they were proud of their mom - giving me hugs as soon as they woke up that morning. We all celebrated with Cookie Monstah ice cream sandwiches for dessert Saturday night. I love that my kids recognize that it’s something to proud of and that it’s just as important as a birthday or holiday, and personally in my mind, I am more excited about this date than my birthday now. And that’s huge coming from me - the person that used to celebrate her birthday for the entire month of November.

I posted something about my one year sober date on my regular social media account. Essentially, I went public with my sobriety. And I didn’t think this would be that big of a deal. Six months ago it would have felt a bit overwhelming and I may not have been ready. But emotionally, it was time.

I was expecting to just let everyone know who already pretty much knew, that I was celebrating something big and I was proud of my progress. But I didn’t realize how many people in my life came forward with an outpouring of love and support for me. So many people privately messaged me to let me know about their own struggles with alcohol. Or that they know someone. A spouse. A family member. So many friends from my past felt very moved, touched and inspired. Not only by my courage to stop drinking. But by my courage to tell my story. I am humbled that lots of new people began to explore my blog - and I forgot how vulnerable I have been in my writing and how raw it has allowed me to be at times. Sometimes I forget that people other than my husband actually read this!

Overall, the huge reaction I received speaks a lot to the stigma surrounding alcohol. So many are in the same boat but so few are willing to talk about it. Everyone was so impressed with how public I am with my story. How brave I have been. I just do this out of the hopes of helping one or two others.

Very few people want to acknowledge their own struggles with booze or go public with it for fear of being ostracized. For fear of being judged. But the truth of the matter is - it’s unbelievably common. I have been a witness to it - based on the private responses I have received from countless people. Alcohol abuse is a pervasive problem, and so many people struggle with it on a daily basis.

For a long time, I didn’t know what to do with my relationship with alcohol. For so long, I questioned if my relationship was healthy. I worried. I thought about it in the middle of the night. Then Friday night would roll around and I always found a reason to drink.

If you are at a crossroads with your relationship like I was with alcohol a year - it is okay, do not be afraid. It’s okay to question your relationship. It’s okay to want more for yourself. It’s okay to want more for your children and your family. Because truly, there is so much more beyond that life.

Trust me.

Perhaps, I am here to tell you it’s all possible.

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