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Every night is a weekend when you're a stay at home mom: let's change your mindset!

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

When you are a stay at home mom and you have little kids, it seems as if every night is a weekend evening. When your boss is a two year old toddler or a 6 month old baby that demands your presence at all hours of the day and your work day never really ends - then your weekday never ends and therefore, you deserve a glass of wine most nights of the week - right? That was ALWAYS my mindset when my kids were little.

It was a deadly way of thinking. It was a slippery slope, believing that the week was never-ending or that my job never allowed me a break. Also, because I didn't actually HAVE to wake up and go anywhere with my baby the next day, I found myself thinking being hungover was okay. Or I would say to myself, what is one more glass of wine because I'll be tired tomorrow anyway being up all night with this little baby?

Motherhood allows us to fall into some dangerous patterns and unrewarding routines. We start to open that bottle of wine earlier and earlier and say yes to things that we wouldn't otherwise do when it comes to drinking.

Last night, I was picking up my son at his 7:30pm soccer practice. It occurred to me it was a Thursday night and it was sort of late for me to be out. Usually I'm in my pajamas. In my past drinking days, I would definitely be drunk by that time of day especially at this point in the week - saying to myself "it's absolutely the weekend!" I would be unable to drive and get my son and bring him home. I probably would have had to organize a ride home for him with another family or make my husband go get him on his way home from hockey practice with our oldest in Canton - lying to everyone about why I couldn't drive. "Mommy has a migraine!" Ugh. It was exhausting - trying to fit alcohol into my life by the end.

I am so grateful not to be trapped in the chains of alcohol anymore, lying to everyone around me. Are you still trying to maintain that relationship with drinking?Are you feeling stuck? Are you one of those people still trying to keep your relationship with alcohol going no matter what?

Please reach out to me and let's have a chat. I know how it feels and I can help you with a private, one on one plan. I now offer coaching and advice on how to reevaluate your relationship with alcohol!

Book a free discovery call and let's discuss your future!

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