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A Different Type of Saturday Night

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Evan and I went to Boston for dinner last night. It is something we never liked to do in the past when I was drinking, and I was trying to figure out why. I think one of the main reasons we stopped going into the city over the years is because it was easier to get drunk in the burbs. It was easier to stay local with friends, because no one ever wanted to be the designated driver. When we all went out together, Evan included, we knew we wouldn't be able to drive home, so we often had to uber most places. That was always an added expense. Over the years, the combination of the time it took to get into Boston from Needham (20-30 min), the uber cost and the headache of getting a reservation at a lot of restaurants turned us off to the idea. Then Covid happened and suddenly we appreciated the cheaper options and wide open spaces of the 'burbs.

Fast forward to now. I am sober and Evan doesn't drink much at dinner anymore. We had a sitter come last night at 5pm, and we needed to get out. We had already driven out to Sudbury for family pictures, and that took almost an hour. After listening to the kids complain the entire way and then dealing with a spontaneous, random bloody nose with Brayden practically all over his 'fancy clothes' outfit, I was nearly pushed over the edge. (We didn't have any tissues in the car so we needed to use Parker's leggings!)

By the time the photo session ended, we were ready for a night out, and Evan and I decided the city might be a nice change of pace for us. We ran out the door at 5pm as soon as the sitter arrived, and we decided to enjoy the evening ahead of us and appreciate all the time we had together. There was no rushing to get drinks first or figuring out the fastest way to get alcohol in my system, like I used to do. I was calm, relaxed but hungry! I chose one of our favorite restaurants in the South End, Coppa, and there was no stress about the night. Sober brought a whole new level of chill to our night.

We got into the city and headed straight to dinner and settled in for the evening. I had a root beer with my meal and Evan had one IPA. We ordered SO much incredible food - enjoying a cheese plate, arancini, homemade pasta and prosciutto pizza at a tiny table together. It was the best meal we have had in a while, and I savored every bite. I wasn’t obsessing over my next drink or staring at the waiter thinking about booze the entire time. Then, we finished it off with mini donuts. I never used to order dessert when I was drinking. It was all amazing.

Instead of hitting up a bar for after dinner drinks like we used to do, we walked around our old neighborhood of the South End after dinner, appreciating the changes to the city over the last ten years since we moved away. We talked about the little life we have built together, reminiscing about the days when we used to live there. We walked down our old, beautiful, quaint little street full of brick row houses, and I was flooded with memories of pushing the double stroller down the cobblestone sidewalks. We stood outside our old apartment on Gray Street, and I was filled with so much warmth and gratitude. We strolled by the playgrounds and cafes we used to frequent.

Appleton Cafe that is no longer. Tadpole is still there. My favorite liquor store is still around, of course. I thought about playing trucks with Brayden at Ringold park and dressing the boys up as matching monkeys for Halloween nine years ago at the neighborhood costume block party that Tadpole always organized. So many memories.

Our life is so very different now, and back then, I never could have seen the twists and turns my path would take. I walked through the streets last night content though in the comfort of the arm of my husband knowing that I am one hundred percent on the right path now. I don't know where I will be ten years from now, but I know I will have made the right decisions for myself and my family at this point in my life. Another bonus, we were still home early back in Needham, in bed by 9:30, and the kids were all fast asleep! Another successful, happy sober Saturday night out for this mom!

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