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"Certain authors have a gift for storytelling, bringing you into the moment, into their world and the feelings. These writers write the books we just can't put down. Kim is one of those authors and On the Edge of Shattered is one of those books. I could barely take a breath. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I am so excited for what this book will do in the world. "
-Annie Grace, best-selling author of This Naked Mind


The true story of a wife and mother’s descent into alcohol addiction —a harrowing and sometimes heartbreaking chronicle of habitual blackouts and unremembered nights—and her triumphant emergence into the light of recovery.

By taking readers through traumatic stories of her past, Kimberly weaves in the challenges she faced with alcohol from childhood through motherhood. She ultimately finds herself on a journey of joyful self-discovery.  

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