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The Bottle of Tito's

An excerpt from On the Edge of Shattered: Please preorder today!!

"I need it to make it through the day ahead.

I take a deep breath and grab the bottle of Tito’s vodka. The bottles clink together, sending a gentle ringing through the cavernous house, down the hallway and into the mudroom.

I turn my back to my dog. I don’t need to see Bunker’s judgmental eyes on me now.

I am a robot. A machine, unable to fight it. I am a character inside a video game.

My heart pounds. The veins inside my head and down my neck throb. It’s as if there’s a screaming inside my ears.

I just need one sip to ignite my body. To soothe my insides. To feel something. Because lately . . . I feel nothing.

I know exactly what I’m doing because I’ve perfected this routine.

With my left hand, I twist the gold top off and watch as it falls to the wooden bar top. It moves almost in slow motion, and I hold my breath as it spins in a circle on the counter and makes a tiny clicking sound.

I listen for the sounds of my children or husband as Bunker rubs his face against my ankles curiously. I hear nothing. I am alone. Finally.

The scream inside begins to gently subside as I wrap my fingers around the Tito’s bottle."

Please order my book today and share it with friends & family. Preorders and early sales are extremely important for authors.

I can't wait for you to read about my entire journey...

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