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Summer storms

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

I love summer storms. Sitting on my sun porch right now, I feel content. Cozy. It was a long, tiring weekend. Physically and emotionally. Evan was gone with Brayden at a hockey tournament in CT, so it was just me, Chase and Parker.

As I listen to the rain come down outside, I feel grateful though. I watch the dark clouds around me and I hear the sound of the thunder in the distance. The peacefulness of the drops of rain on the leaves, as the birds continue to chirp on the river. The claps of thunder and brief flashes of lightening do not disrupt this quiet, serene picture. It is beautiful. Much like the storms of chaos happening in my life right now, this thunder is beautiful.

I love summer storms.

And I am grateful for the challenges I am faced each day. Because I only get stronger.

I have been cleansed and given a second chance, and despite the darkness that still exists at times there is much to be thankful for and happy about. I am sober. I am not hungover and angry at myself for the stupid things I may have done this weekend. I was present for my son's all-star baseball game yesterday afternoon, instead of drunk at the pool with my friends. I got takeout and had a movie night with the kids Saturday night instead of choosing to go to a boozie BBQ with friends, opting to fold laundry upstairs by myself while they ate popcorn and watched Netflix, but I still stayed home with my kids. Sober. I chose the clear, bright path. The path that is leading me to goodness and making me feel whole again.

So as the thunder crashes around me, I am only reminded that there are going to be challenges ahead of me but it is all worth it. I welcome the storms. They are beautiful and they build me up.

These summer storms bring me peace.

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