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How Do you Plan to Tackle 2022?

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Happy New Year!

For 2022, I plan to take a more mindful approach to my days, knowing that slowing down, breathing and staying in the moment will be key for me. I recently read an article about how to connect more mindfully with yourself and thought some of these tips resonated with me. I took a few ideas and came up with my own plan. Maybe they will be helpful to you.

Observe is my intentional word for 2022. My goal is to move away from judgement and to stay in the moment.

Mindfulness Plan 2022

  1. Connect to my senses. Try to be more aware in the moment of how I feel physically - how things smell, sound, taste, look and feel. Take a minute to observe these things. Slow down!

  2. Meditate for 5-10 min, at least 3x a week. Begin each and every morning with a deep breathe when I get up, naming one thing to be compassionate about and one thing to be grateful for everyday.

  3. Savor my mornings - waking early. I think I already do this pretty well, but I will continue this into my new year. Sit with my coffee and sip slowly, thoughtfully. Don't look at my phone first thing in the morning. Enjoy my surroundings. Chat with my husband. Savor the sips of the morning sky and air. Be present and grateful for my sobriety, as mornings were never my favorite before I stopped drinking.

  4. Be present with my kids when they are home in the afternoons. Sit down with them and talk to them. Put my phone away when with them in the evenings at bedtime. Play with them on weekends. Be with them mentally and emotionally.

  5. At the end of each day, observe three things that I am grateful for. Rather than focusing on the negatives, let my mind go to the good things from my day. Be thankful.

This world is a snow globe and I have one of two options. I can be the tiny person standing inside the scene, or I can be the snow that flies around when things get shaken up. I get to choose. Will I stand still or will I allow myself to get caught up in the chaos?

I can get caught up in the storm and allow myself to get swept away from the present and forget the people that matter, losing sight of the beauty around me - instead worrying about what caused the storm in the first place. Wondering how did this happen? Will it happen again? I can judge myself and others for getting swept up in the chaos, which only adds more layers of pain to the experience. I can be but a single snowflake in the endless, tiny swirls of snow, allowing myself to become lost in the wind, distracted from my family and the things that actually matter to me, never settling, never sitting still, never resting or feeling at ease in this world.


I can be the person depicted in the snow globe that stands inside the scene. I can remain fixed in place and present to the chaos. I can accept it. I can recognize and admire the beauty of the storm. I can let it fall on my eyelashes and cheeks. I can allow the snow to settle on my shoulders for a moment and dampen my shirt and watch it swirl all around me, as I am not immune from pain nor can I hide from the things that scare me. I know that in the end, it all will slowly settle down once again and I can learn from these experiences if I try.

I believe that even though it is incredibly hard at times, it is necessary for my growth to stand still and watch the snow fall. I must remain present. I must observe.

I am learning that being mindful isn’t about creating a perfect life to escape from the struggles. Instead, it’s about managing a response to an imperfect life and being able to escape judging oneself and others. And at the same time, maybe I can find a bit more joy each and every day.

What are your intentions for 2022? Comment below or shoot me an email.

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